Wednesday, December 31

Last Day!

OK! Ladies and Gentlemen,
Miss Pretty(s) and Mister Handsome(s).

Today, NOW, is 31st of December 2008. *Claps Claps*
And, this post is only my thought. If causes any inconvenience, if it causes your uncomfortableness, causes you besong. Just inform me or anyone of the admin and it will be deleted soon.

31st Dec' 08!! Last day for all of you to complete your 2008's wishes.
So, try to complete your 08's wishes.
But, I think mostly can't, if you can, you able to complete, you have done it since long ago.
I just say song song here.

2008 ->-> 2009. . Nothing special for me. *Add a year to my current age*
As always, stay in the house without celebration. Don't know celebrate for what and I'm lazy. I hate to go out, everywhere traffic jam, restaurants, pubs and everywhere is crowded. New year, the world still remains the same, the earth stood still. The only different is the calender, the unit of year.

Maybe the only thing I should celebrate is that I'm still alive. I have survived 18 years and proceed to 2009. Many things happened in 2008, nothing happy. Even Australia trip also has nothing to memorialize, wrong timing. No a single happy memory.

2008 ->-> 2009. People do not change their face, their appearance, their parent, their siblings, their spouse(Maybe), their thinking, their overconfident, their heart, their attitude, their behavior, their rudeness, their weaknesses, their skills, their studies and their whatever in a new year. ALL still remain the same, don't you agree?

New Year, new year! 'N' 'E' 'W' "NEW"! People always say they want to start a new 'LIFE' in a new year, practise some good habits, and avoid being bad, corruption and failures, but how many people can do it? No one or just one or two can do it.

Life is a cycle, you can't simply start a new round of cycle as you wish anytime, anywhere. There are many stuffs that can't simply be ignored, you must use it, apply it, get used to it, do it, practise it, and whatever those stuffs continuously. You can't stop this cycle, cause too many stuffs concerned with you. You can't abandon or give up these stuffs cruelly.

Another new year, 2009, anything special? Nothing. (For me)

To: 无聊人(s)





论人前,问问自己的性格很好吗? 有比他好吗?凭什么可以论他?





Sunday, December 28

24th Nov - Christmas Eve

Well, looks like it's quite late to post this post nw~On the Christmas Eve, a gathering was help for Christmas Countdown. There were 10 person joining on that night~ There were Stefy, Tiaw, Wei Ying, Audrey, Clarence, Jasper, Sing Yii, Joshua, Jimmy and I. Our first activity was watch movie at Star Cineplex. The movie we selected is The Day The Earth Stood Still. The movie start 9.15pm. Stefy, Tiaw & Audrey were follow my transport to Star Cineplex. The movie tooks about 1 hour 45 minutes. Then, we rush to The Spring for the Christmas Countdown Occasion. The traffic was quite jame but we manage to get our parking place. The occasion held outside The Spring. The Christmas amit snow(bubbles) and fire work was "release" as the time reach 12am!! After the firwork stop, evryone went to McDonald to have our supple~ Everyone receive a self-made cake from Siu Mei and everyone open their present. Evryone back in between 1.30am to 2am. Merry Christmas evryone!! It's a wonderful time to celebrate Christmas with you guys!! And also, Wish you all Happy New Year!! and wish you all wishes come true~!! All the best to you guys!!


Can you see the snow??NO?!?!?!? OK...Let me mark it for you!! :p
Here's the firework!!!

After the firework, we went to McDonald which located in the city of Kuching! Well, we stay quite a long there yea! We open our present too! Stefy and I received a present from Tiaw and self-made cake from Siu Mei! Wanna know what present we receive? Look to the end of this post!!

For more information about the gathering, kindly visit TheFool, Stefy and my blog~

王力宏 - 心跳 VS 罗志祥 - 潮男正传

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By here, wanna introduce the 2 new album!!!

王力宏's 心跳 and 罗志祥's 潮男正传 !!

Well, jz downloaded this 2 album~Althougt some of the song nt bad~But nt as good as older album kua~depends on which song~For those want to listen new song which is diffrent style can try Lee Hom's latest album yea! For those who prefer "sporting" or fast song can try 罗志祥's!
I had provided a link to download this 2 album yea! Only last for 7 days!

Download it b4 it's too late yea! hehe~ :p

王力宏 - 心跳
Recommended Song: 心跳, 摇滚怎么了!!

Link to file.

罗志祥 - 潮男正传
Recommended Song: 潮男正传

Link to file.

Friday, December 26



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Today, heard this song from the preview of the new [Taiwan + Hong Kong] drama.
属于 - 梁静如

Its rhythm is so nice. Addicted~

属于 - 梁静如
我坚持的 都值得坚持吗
我所相信的 就是真的吗
如果我赶追求 我就敢拥有吗
而如果都算了 不要呢

或许吧 或许我永远都不要遇见他
或许吧 或许我太天真了吧

属于我的昨天之前的结局 我决定我的决定
属于我的明天之后的憧憬 我迷信我的迷信
属于我们点点滴滴的伤心 我们要各自忘记
属于我们闪闪发亮的爱情 我们再一起努力

属于风的 那就去飞翔吧
属于海洋的 那就汹涌的
属于我们的爱 该来的就来吧
为什麽不敢呢 不要呢

是他吧 命中早就注定了的那个他
是他吧 他原来就在这里啊

属于我的昨天之前的结局 我决定我的决定
属于我的明天之后的憧憬 我迷信我的迷信
属于我们点点滴滴的伤心 我们要各自忘记
属于我们闪闪发亮的爱情 我们再一起努力

属于我的昨天之前的结局 我决定我的决定
属于我的明天之后的憧憬 我迷信我的迷信
属于我们点点滴滴的伤心 我们要各自忘记
属于我们闪闪发亮的爱情 我们再一起努力

属于我们点点滴滴的伤心 我们要各自忘记
属于我们闪闪发亮的爱情 我们再一起努力

Thursday, December 25

Merry Xmas!!

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We wish You a
Merry Christmas
a Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 22


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Holding hands.
Keeping promises.
Sharing secrets.
Unknot misunderstanding.
As long as happy to be with.
Is that known as LOVE ??

Sunday, December 21

definition for love??

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L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only i see
V is very very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you will adore


beh song... dnt spam my fav song!!

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still got a lot inn youtube.. i wanna pengsan le.. dnt dare to listen..

Friday, December 19

Everywhere is cold. . .

Nowaday is raining season.
Most of the time, the weather is raining.
The temperature is getting colder and colder.
It not only happen in KCH but same thing happen here, this 'Fri3nd5' blog.
Everyone is busy with thier own life.
There is not doubt that here turned so cold.
Do you agree? :)


Wednesday, December 17


-----《八月未央, 2001》

Thursday, December 11


ML Ah Mah~ Thank for you tag ho~ I will revenge! ._. I don't want to do the first tag :x
So, I just do this and ignore the first one. HoHoHo~

1) How old will you turn in 2009?
- 19.

2) Would you rather love one person or have many short relationships?
- One person. 

3) Would you date someone 8 years old than you?
- O.O No, thank.

4) When was the last time you laughed?
- Moral Studies class, caused by Mr. George.

5) What were you doing at 4am this morning?
- Dreaming.

6) What's your relationship with the person you last texted?
- My best pal.

7) What did you do today?
- 1030~ Malaysian Studies, McD, 1330~ Moral Studies *replacement class* BORED!

8) Who do you really want to see right now?
- Someone.

9) Will your next kiss be a mistake?
- Impossible.

10) Who's your last misses call?
- Pang Ing.

11) What's something you really want right now?
- Nothing *at this moment*.

12) What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
- “Can I skip all my classes while I still pass my exams?” I’m lazy to attend those *super* BORING classes.

13) Would you go back in time if you had the chance?
- YES! I want to end my current life now.

14) What is something you need to go shopping for?
- I don’t need anything *at this moment*, I had bought my sport shoes.

15) Do you want kids?
- Depends. Future is unpredictable.

16) Are you in love with anyone?
- No.

17) How's your heart lately?
- Is is normal. It still pumping blood every second.

18) When was the last time you slept on the floor?
- Someday in July’08.

19) Is your phone close to you?
- Not for now. I forgot where I put it, maybe in my car?

20) What is bothering you right now?
- Lots.

21) Where are you right now?
- My cousin’s (Big Sister’s) room, I conquered her room when she’s working at Solomon Island. Hohoho~

23) Do you like country music?
- Some, as long as I like it.

24) Do you wet the toothbrush before the toothpaste?
- No. What for?

25) How is your hair styled right now?
- Short and spiky? I just had my haircut yesterday.

26) Do you like your first name?
- Why not, it is my parents’ first gift to me. It means, “Peace” in the “Family”.

27) Last thing you drank?
- Grass jelly with Sarsi syrup, made by Bibik.

28) Do you sing obnoxiously in the car?
- Never.I sings quietly at most of the time.

29) What did you do 15 minutes ago?
- Online.

30) Do you think you are a good person?
- No. I don’t have a good personality and stupid.

31) The sweetest person in your life?
- Person? I can’t think of one. :x But my family and my aunt’s family members are the sweetest people for me *at this moment*.

32) The closest male to you now?
- Who? I can’t think of one who is really closest to me.

33) The person you're chatting with now?
- Now? laStMinworK, DjLuke, Blackie and IdiotBird through MSN.

34) The languages you are able to speak?
- Foochow, Madarin, Malay, Manglish, etc. *with all the weird pronunciations.*

35) The last person whom you screwed?
- Myself, my knee!

36) One word about your life now?
- Good.

37) Where do you wish to work?
- Wherever.

38) What are you specially good at?
- Scolding those rude drivers on the roads. Complaining. Slacking. Daydreaming.

39) Would you date someone older than you?
- Don’t ask me something hasn’t happen yet.

40) Who are you to yourself?
- Nothing but just a crap.

41) Do you forgive people easily?
- Depends on whom.

42) Which boy is precious to you now?
- No one.

43) Your dressing style?
- Casual.

44) How different are you from other boys?
- I’m not special at all. This is the different of me from other boys.

45) The bad point in yourself?
- Stupid, lazy, irritating, pervert, troublesomely, etc.

46) The last contact in your hp?
- Jasper, since this morning.

47) Your favourite song(s)?
- Lots. Nowadays I’m addicted to “If I were a boy” from Beyonce.

48) The two hated contacts in your hp?
- What for I save whoever I hated in my hp?

49) Learn one language in 10 days?
- Can, if there is a professional teach me personally with all the best learning resources.

50) One gorgeous girl you came across?
- Sorry, I can’t think of one.

51) Whose your biggest enemy?
- My feeling.

52) Which gang do you support?
- I don’t know what my gang’s name is. Old gang? Beta gang? Fri3nd5 gang? Etc

53) Proper age to join gang?
- What do you mean?

54) Do you like people who smoke?
- I hate smokers!

55) What do you think about modeling?
- It is impossible for me to be a model with this fat and ugly appearance.

56) Given a chance, would you like to be a model?
- Why not! With a hot and nice looking body! *Moto Moto~ (Madagascar, 2008)* :D

57) Whose approval do you usually seek first?
- Myself > Mummy > Pappy/Auntie > Myself

58) What do you wish to be in future?
- Don’t know.

*The next 5 lucky people to do this quiz:
- laStMinworK
- Cla-Win
- ღM3!mEiღ
- Joshua
- HappyBird

DCres: Want to do it or not is up to you, tag for song.

Tuesday, December 9

teacher khoo

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Monday, December 8

Fri3nd5 Admins + Kroy & Gf + S.Y + Avan

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On 6th December 2008, Fri3nd5' Admins with Kroy, Kroy's GF - I.T, S.Y and Avan went Mt. Singai once again. We go there by 2 cars. We met at MJC 'lao hang jia' at around 730am. After we enjoyed our breakfast, we continue our journey to Mt. Singai. It takes only around 15mins to reach.

I suppose this is a sign board near the church on Mt. Singai.
This is a statue or art named the 'Christ the King'.
This picture was taken when we are climbing down the Mt.Singai.
This time we hav a full collection of the 14 cross photos.
The 1st Cross.
The 2nd Cross.
The 3rd Cross.
The 4th Cross.
The 5th Cross.
The 6th Cross.
The 7th Cross.
The 8th Cross.
The 9th Cross.
The 10th Cross.
The 11th Cross.
The 12th Cross.
The 13th Cross.
The 14th Cross. Will be Uploaded soon.

A semi circle shaped stage and places to sit.
This is the Church.

This should be the main entrance to the round stage mentioned just now.
These leaves are hairy and kinda weird. So we took a picture of it.^^
Pictures of the surroundings.
The only view of the outside WORLD!! =X
This is the place where we can donate Rm5 for a kinda unique bottle and collect the Holy Water.
These are the candles that we lighted up.
Want to know what is this? Read the words. XD
I wonder who took this picture. Not bad also. Nature!
A small little river or waterfall.. lol
There are two roads. Which should we take? I m sure you know abt the poem 'Road Not Taken'.
Sometimes, there are 2 roads to choose. But in the end, the outcome is the same. As u can see in the picture, the 2 divided roads end up on a same road again.
At nite time, Fri3nd5' Admins with S.Y, Lucas(another Lucas from Tabuan) and his Gf went to a Concert of Classical Music. It is located at the Auditorium Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Batu Lintang, Kuching. Wearing is Smart Casual.
This is the ticket.
This is the view of the Auditorium from our sitting place.

Friday, December 5


For your information, Snow Wing has changed his nick to DCres. Thank you.